Pathology-Specific Platforms

MicroTISSUE is an innovative microfluidic platform able to reproduce and study the complexity of biological tissues in an in vitro system. Through the use of such innovative approaches, cells are stimulated in a highly controlled in vitro setting, and multiple morphological, molecular, biochemical, and functional quantitative parameters are simultaneously obtained in a time lapse mode.

Thanks to this and other technological approaches integrated with top quality cell biology, we recreate in vitro the complexity of several pathological scenarios, dissecting the role of selected cell types in the onset of the inflammatory events leading to disease development.

By this approach, we obtain rapid and informative comprehension of efficacy, toxicity, metabolism and compound-receptor binding effects as well as molecular mechanisms associated with response to candidate drug.

Our Platforms

pathology-specific solutions for different physiopathological scenarios

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Pulmonary Diseases

Integrated Technology Platforms

MicroTISSUE: a multiparametric microfluidic platform to study the microenvironment in different physiopathological scenarios.

MicroTISSUE recreates in vitro tissue complexity, dissecting cell-cell communication and cross-talk mechanisms responsible for pathology onset and progresson.