About Neuro-Zone

Neuro-Zone is a functional service company supporting drug discovery and preclinical research in the fields of age-related pathologies and inflammation.

We support biotech and pharma during all stages of preclinical drug discovery and development, from the screening of chemical libraries to the validation of candidate compounds and repurposed drugs.

Thanks to our deep scientific knowledge, we have developed a constantly growing portfolio of cell-based pathology-specific platforms and combined it with a smart technological approach. Our platforms provide multiparametric analysis readouts, with a particular focus on complex disease scenarios where intercellular cross-talks and the microenvironment play a major role.

Acting as an outsourced high-quality laboratory, we build a constant scientific interconnection with our partners, understanding their biological needs and providing customized solutions, from project layout to experimental execution, data analysis, and interpretation.

By increasing the quality of cell-based assays Neuro-zone enables more efficient and informative preclinical programs.

Our History

a brief review of our main successes


  • December 2019: Neuro-Zone appoints Dr. Fabrizio Bacchi as Chief Operating Officer.


  • February 2018: Neuro-Zone appoints Dr. Noemi Tonna as Chief Scientific Officer.


  • September 2017: Neuro-Zone invests in Bio4Dreams, the first privately owned Business Accelerator in Life Sciences (Bio4Dreams).


  • July 2016: Neuro-Zone invests in BrainDTech (www.braindtech.com), an innovative startup focused on a revolutionary approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of brain diseases.


  • In March 2015: Neuro-Zone opens its new headquarter in OpenZone, Bresso (MI).
  • In July 2015: Neuro-Zone becomes member of Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s “ADDF ACCESS” Program.


  • In June 2014: Dr. Fabio Bianco and Sanipedia srl acquire the remaining equity shares from other associates.
  • In July 2014: Dr. Pietro Conti is appointed CEO of Neuro-Zone.
  • In August 2014: Dr. Fabio Bianco is appointed President and Chief Scientific Officer of Neuro-Zone.


In October 2013: Neuro-Zone is among the sponsors of the Italian Neuroscience Sociaty Meeting (SINS).


In May 2012: Neuro-Zone is selected by the Italian Government to be among the “Italy for Innovators” companies at the EXPO 2012 in Korea.


  • In June 2011: Neuro-Zone signs Collaborative Research Agreement with ASTAR, Singapore.
  • In July 2011: Neuro-Zone extends its research collaboration agreement with IBM Research – Zurich.


  • In January 2010: Neuro-Zone enters North America market thanks to a distribution agreement with Primorigen Inc.
  • In October 2010: Neuro-Zone is selected to be one of the 100 new companies representing the “genius made in Italy”, within the Innovation Roadshow “Percorsi dell’Innovazione. Dall’Idea al Business”. This is a qualified showcase for highly innovative projects and prototypes, selected to support young enterpreneurs in the trasformation of their ideas into business opportunities.


In January 2009: Neuro-Zone is among the finalists of the European Academic Enterprise Award.


  • In August 2008: Neuro-Zone signs a Joint Study Agreement with IBM Inc. Research Laboratories.
  • In September 2008: Neuro-Zone is ranked 1st in the Province of Milano for Innovative and Creative Enterpreneurship Projects.


  • In February 2007: Neuro-Zone is founded.
  • In July 2007: Neuro-Zone earns Governmental Funding Grant (MIUR Financing for Applied Research Project aimed at new Enterpreneurship)